REVIEW: Chaophraya, Edinburgh

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Situated neatly above Castle Street, lies this very attractive Thai restaurant with magnificent views of the city. Chaophraya has a gold and black theme which anyone can see from the entrance as the staircase really is a work of art. Glossy black slabs and light up stairs, guide each person to the top floor of the restaurant. 

Chaophraya has an ‘outside’ seating area which is completely surrounded with glass, which will really make any visit all that more spectacular as the views are truly breathtaking – is there really any other way to enjoy a meal? 

From personal experience, eating out can be hard as having a nut allergy is a real thing, but the staff were extremely attentive and helpful. Chaophraya’s website has an allergy section where it highlights the dishes you can and cannot have depending on your allergies and/or dietary requirements which I’m sure a lot of customers will appreciate. 

Not only do the staff help with allergies, they guide each customer through the menu – as if you’re on a tour – explaining everything there is to know about Thai food. 

The menu is not limited at all and definitely caters to everyone! If you’re hungry, hangry or just wanting to be greedy, the sharing starter may not be for you as the portions for each person are small. But, if you’re just wanting something to pick at, then this is definitely the starter for you. The main courses do not come to play as they are packed full of flavour and will make your taste buds tingle. 

To start, we had the Chaophraya Sharing Platter which had an amazing variety of Thai foods which were all delicious. My only complaint would be that there was not more! Now….for the mains. I chose their Thai Green Curry – which btw, was my first time ever having this type of curry! The flavour was amazing and my taste buds were dancing with every bite, however, it seemed to just be filled with veg rather than any protein – but we move. My partner decided to have the Duck Tamarind. Which unfortunately, I could not try. But from what I could see, it barely touched the sides and was a top notch selection.

The drinks menu is outstanding and it ranges from old classics to more contemporary cocktails and quirky spirits. The ‘Raspberry Goose’ and ‘Banoffee Martini’ (to name a few), were some of the drinks I had the pleasure of being introduced to. If you’re not one to have cakes, tarts, puddings or sorbets then Chaophraya has the perfect middle ground – boozy desserts.

The Thai experience at Chaophraya really is like no other and should be at the top of everyone’s ‘MUST VISIT’ list. To sum up in a few words: 

  • Should I go? –  Absolutely 
  • Will I be disappointed? – Is the sky purple? No
  • When should I go? ASAP

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