Don’t Talk To Strangers Online…Unless They’re In Your Zoom Class!

Online learning as a concept can seem daunting and rightly so. Nothing seems pleasant about sitting on a video call with 20 strangers but something beautiful can come from it.

Many Facebook and WhatsApp group chats were created at the beginning of the academic year made with promises of friendship and coursework help but not every class has had the joy in having these promises fully fulfilled.

At a time when human contact is limited and maintaining relationships seems impossible engaging with the tiny faces on your laptop screen may just be a saving grace.

Gone are trips to your local or house parties with classmates instead, students across the country are engaging in weekly/ monthly weekend zooms to take part in partying, overall catch ups and of course the return of the zoom pub quizzes. Although these activities may feel overdone, revisiting them with a new circle of friends breathes a new life into them.

These virtual catch ups for a lot of people are a lifeline as they are the closest thing many people have to face to face communications with someone out with their home and since these get togethers are from our own living rooms there is no pressure to look your best or to take part in drinking as for majority of people seeing that you have even joined the call makes them extremely happy.

As intimidating as it may seem, send your college classmates a text asking who’s free next Saturday chances are that you won’t regret it and you may just make a few new friends in the process.

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