Skincare 101

As someone who has struggled with medically diagnosed cystic acne, I have tried almost every home remedy and ‘quick fixes’ there is, and I know first-hand what works and what does not. I tortured my face, so you did not have to!

First, it is important to know your skin. Is your skin dry and flaky? Is it sensitive and easily irritated? Do you suffer from red patches or acne? If you have acne what type is it? Is your skin oily?

NEVER EVER use any scrubs or exfoliators more than once a day every four days it doesn’t matter if it contains medicine within it or what the marketing campaign says; exfoliators main purpose is to remove dead skin cells and can perform deep cleans, using everyday will tear away your skin until it’s raw and painful to the touch, only use prescribed treatments daily if advised by a medical professional.

This one may sound self-explanatory but don’t put toothpaste on your spots no matter how tempting it is. The chemicals used in toothpastes will react badly to your skin and can burn your face leaving your face raw and sore, especially when left on for long periods of time and when used repeatedly. (Trust me I have the pictures of my burn marks to prove this).

However, some home remedies that can work is putting Germolene or Sudocrem on infected areas in order to reduce swelling, redness and itch/pain. A product I highly recommend for combating cystic based acne is Gold Bond Rapid Relief, although it can’t be purchased in UK stores it can be ordered online from Canadian and American based sites. The product was created to combat mosquito bites, minor cuts and skin irritations, minor sun burns and many other similar conditions but when applied directly to large spots you will feel it go numb and after continuous use it will shrink your blemish.

Now every person is different and before investing in any products mentioned in this article please do your own research as I don’t want anyone to blindly buy and end up having a bad reaction or a negative experience, these are products I found to work best for me and my skin type (cystic acne prone, sensitive and dry).

Two products I recommend for maintaining your face is the Clean and Clear Daily Exfoliator and the Clean and Clear Dual Action moisturiser. As previously mentioned, I don’t recommend using any exfoliator daily, however the product when used in moderation leaves your face feeling tighter, helps remove dry skin and smoother to the touch. The exfoliator is oil free and promises to help you gain clearer smoother skin, unblock pores and prevent breakouts. I only started using this product in November and I can see a difference already in my face. The Dual Action Moisturizer is also oil free and aims to prevent blemishes by nourishing the skin. Using the moisturiser after exfoliating is a must for me as I struggle with dry skin it helps prevent me from developing further skin issues, especially on my forehead and nose.

Another major player in my skin care routine I have found to help me is the Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear facewash infused with grapefruit and vitamin C. After using the wash for two months I have noticed that my face felt fresher and cleaner and didn’t appear as red as it used to after washing.

Please take my suggestions with a grain of salt as I can not stress enough that just because these products worked well for me that they will work for you. I wish you all the best of luck!

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