The World’s First Feminist

Iridescence, hubris of colour, prism and rainbow.

To eyes that flutter open, born of new life,

flora and fawn, glittering skies and rivers that flow.

A gentle voice whispers affections to his new wife.

Caressed gently, barefoot and unclothed in the meadow,

Who knew that being man’s partner would cause such strife?

Such sweet somethings hissed in her ear,

pretty petals prick her finger, every rose has its thorn,

his body, his words now used to control, not to endear.

With a simple bite, her world now nothing but scorn,

leaving her no choice but to run and to disappear,

Relationships she will miss, but submission she will not mourn.

Born from rib, his, summoned by bone,

created not as an equal but as someone to dote

on another, and for her sins she shall atone.

What sin? Searching for a purpose other than to devote?

A thirst for knowledge, condemning the curiosity prone,

the world against women from the beginning, the first anecdote.

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