From local girls club to competing in the big leagues – Glasgow Girls to Women

Glasgow Girls F.C – the first in its kind in the East End of Glasgow. Founded in 2008 with the sole mission to give young local  girls a place to explore their love for the sport. 13 years later, and they have a first-team elite squad of women competing in the second tier of the top league in Scotland, producing players of high calibre fit for professional football.

The man with a plan and a team of devoted staff, Jim Strathdee has changed how the people of Glasgow view the women’s game. Many of these people were once the parents of girls who just wanted to play the game but had no-where to do so without the presence of boys and the arrogance that often followed. Jim closed that door and opened one to a safe space, a space for the newest generation of footballers to develop under skilled and passionate coaches. It shouldn’t go un-noticed the levels that the club have climbed, from nights under the lights at Bannerman High School to club houses and kit rooms at Budhill.

Part of the foundation that makes the club what it is, is the consistency to grow the club that past player and now chairwoman, Caroline Wilson, has shown. Caroline like many others saw the potential since day one, the potential that that Strathdee’s squad could go to the top and compete. They were right and have never looked back, only looking forward to a future of success and a populated trophy cabinet.

When it comes to the quote “More than just a club” Glasgow Girls possess bags of this. Aside from the constant work they do on the pitch, they match it off the pitch. Charity work, foodbank donations, helping the community, the list goes on. It would’ve been easy like it is for others, for them to reach their heights and no longer participate in helping those around them like they’ve done for so many years; but they kept it up and it can only be respected. 

Whether you’re nine years old or creeping up on your twenties, there is a place for you in the team. Glasgow girls have prided themselves on the inclusion of everyone they’ve always encouraged, part of the reason they are a sought-after club for those just starting out. But who knows where that may end up? The pathway from youth to elite-squad is paved out, so stick at it, and you could reach the top. The founding years of the team are testament to that.

My love for football grew at this club, which grew into a love for writing about it. So, when you see my name published under a football article, you know who to thank. 

“Pride of the East-End”.

Glasgow Girls F.C. 2014, Under 13’s, Double League Winners in the Scottish Youth League

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