AFTER HOURS REVIEW: Weird but normal for the Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye has finally delivered his next piece of work after a long wait from his last full album release of “Starboy” back in 2016, with the release of “After Hours” which againprovides the audience with the typical Unique voice he possesses. With a mix of 80s, modern pop and R&B, its an unpredictable yet exciting experience listening to this album.

The Toronto based artist has produced music to the great enjoyment of the younger generation with hit songs such as “Can’t feel my face” and “Often” with a clear path of him talking about his struggle in life with drugs and women, and this persona continues in a very similar yet unique release of After Hours with a clear indication of him discussing his life worries and struggles throughout the album, taking on multiple approaches as the music list goes on.

Fresh styles are evident throughout with the song: “Save your tears” starting off in a very disco feel with the retro band approach to the start it off, with the high pitch yet astonishing vocals of Tesfaye. This song brings a very big 80’s vibe to it,he takes a very modern pop feeling to coincide with his 80s Hollywood atmosphere to the album. The song: “In your eyes” includes a cheesy sax solo at the end of the song and is yet another example of the Weeknd’s style; his unpredictability is unmatched in the modern music era. 

You can’t go any further on a review of this album without discussing the smash number one hit single “Blinding Lights”. This song is a perfect example of modern day pop with Tesfaye bringing a very fast paced and exciting tone throughout the song, with a very steady tone blended into the song. The song is in major key but mixes again with Tesfaye’s life style, with a line such as “I’ve been on my own for long enough!” highlighting the negative aspect of his life in which he points out throughout the album, maintaining consistency.

“After Hours” offers something which the Weeknd has only offered early on in his career and that is variety with the style of the music and with him branching from his set style to multiple approaches throughout this release, this makes it a must buy for many groups of music fans, including 80s, hip-hop and modern pop fanatics as it provides these fans with a different story and approach with every song on this extraordinary album.

JUL 13: The Weeknd performing in concert at FIB Festival on July 13, 2017 in Benicassim, Spain

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