REVIEW: Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Upon entry, we had a very warm welcome from the host staff before we were seated comfortably at the bar. This boutique hotel and bar is very aesthetically pleasing and has a different vibe/theme in every room. We went around 2pm and it’s safe to say that this is a prime time for day drinkers! The staff behind the bar were very attentive and joyous. It also helped that they knew their drinks and were able to recommend their favourites.

The pornstar martini that I had was perfect in every single way. It had the right amount of everything and tasted unbelievably sexy! What more could you ask for? I moved onto their Café Originals and opted for their ‘Fröse’ which is described as – Fruity, Flirty and Slushy. It may look sweet and delicate but it definitely packed a punch and reminded me a lot of Dr.Pepper with it’s very cherry flavour.

Tigerlily is located on 125 George Street, Edinburgh City Centre

When restrictions are lifted – whenever that is – I will the first to visit back. I simply cannot miss out on everything this boutique hotel and restaurant has to offer!

At the moment, Tigerlily has had to shut its doors. However, it’s not all sad news here. They have created their own ‘Cocktail Club’ where its beloved customers can enjoy their cocktails in the comfort of their own home. Not only are Tigerlily offering cocktails, they have recently run a “Burns Night Box” and “Afternoon Tea”. The boxes are delivered right to your door where you can experience some form of normality.

These boxes have been a great hit and you should expect to see more creative ideas from the team at Tigerlily. You can find out more information on these offers at their facebook page which is linked below!

Due to the pandemic, majority of the hospitality industry has had to close down and not all places are able to offer takeaway/delivery. The aim of these reviews are to spread awareness of local businesses throughout Scotland and to bring as much attention to them as possible, for when the restrictions are lifted and we can finally leave our captivations and explore the outside.

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