Top Tips For Having More Body Positivity!

The festivities are over for another year. We’ve taken down the tree, switched off the catchy songs, but most importantly, we’ve eaten all the leftovers.

It’s only natural to feel sluggish and to have consumed more than your fair share over the course of December and maybe the beginning of January too. Nearly three weeks into January and you’ve most likely broken your resolutions too. Lockdown has certainly not helped matters, with almost a year of restrictions and being forced to stay inside has truly taken a toll on everybody.

Here are some things to remember:

Your body is capable of so many incredible things. Our bodies do so much for us every day, so it’s okay to cut it some slack every once in a while. Cut yourself some slack too – just remember – you’re currently making it through a worldwide pandemic. It’s completely normal to have gained some weight or fallen into some unhealthy habits.

There is only one you. Take care of your body and nourish it. For some people that may just be getting up in the morning and moving around, for others that might be completing some exercise.

Don’t get too disheartened if you have a bad day. It’s just one bad day. Forgive yourself and focus on making tomorrow a better day rather than self-sabotaging yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard or give yourself too much to do, this would make it more likely to not complete all your goals for the day and increase the chance of feeling rubbish over it.

Everything you see online isn’t real. Those pictures you see of celebrities and influencers are a few selected photos that came from dozens of snapshots taken by photographers, edited and filtered to appear the way that they want. A simple tip is to unfollow anyone that makes you feel bad and insecure about yourself. Instead, follow influencers your own size and even better if they are body positive and share normal photos of themselves. This will change your mindset more than you know, by removing a source that makes you think negatively there will be more room for positive and hopeful thoughts.

Progress takes time to reveal itself. Don’t stop just because the scales weren’t to your liking. A better form of tracking progress is to take progress pictures that you can refer to every once in a while. If you would rather weigh yourself then don’t do it more than once a fortnight, weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast and after you’ve been to the toilet for the most accurate reading. Weight fluxes up and down, this can be due to water retention, a bad night’s sleep or a late dinner. This doesn’t affect your progress! Keep persevering and the results will come over the coming months.

Make it fun for yourself. Give yourself good foods, find interesting recipes and enjoy cooking and enjoy the food entering your body. Restricting yourself too much will lead to demotivation and lack of energy. Equally, work out with a friend whether it is over Zoom, meeting up for a walk or run or discussing your goals together and try to encourage each other.

It’s been a really tough year for everybody. Cut yourself some slack and love your body for all the wonderful things it does for you. You’re only human.

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