Djokovic vs Medvedev: the rising star against one of the greatest of all time

This Sunday 21st, in Melbourne, Australia, the first Grand Slam of the year will give us an amazing battle in the final match.

Medvedev and Djokovic have been the best players all throughout the tournament and are the best players in the hard court of the world. But they are both in very different moments in their careers and that’s why this match has great expectations. Novak is looking for his 18th Grand Slam title while Daniil is looking for his first.

Will Djokovic put all his experience on the court and show us his supremacy of Federer, Nadal and himself over the rest? Will Medvedev be the one who defeats one of the top three in history and give place to the new generation?

Daniil Medvedev is fourth place in the ATP world ranking, and if he wins, will become second. None the less, this has been a fantastic tournament for him. The Russian will face his second Grand Slam final tomorrow, after losing with Rafael Nadal in the US Open in 2019. After 25 years he is to be one of the most dominant players. This is based on his amazing tennis skills and his winning mentality, and he has showed, since the beginning of his career, a great performance in hard courts so who better than him to defeat another specialist such as Novak Djokovic?

Medvedev reaches this final after beating Stefanos Tsitsipas, who beat Nadal in the quarterfinals. Showing a great performance and sweeping the Greek player after three sets, tomorrow he will try to keep up the good working order to win the tenth ATP title and, of course, the most important in his career.

What could I say about Novak Djokovic that hasn’t been said before? One of the greatest of all time, showing his validity at the age of 33, after a 2020 with numerous controversies, including; illegal parties in the middle of lockdown; and an elimination in the US Open after accidentally hitting a referee with the ball.

2021 has started great for him as he will have the opportunity to win his ninth title in the Australian Open and his third in a row.

Before the tournament began, Djokovic was one of the favourites to at least reach the final…and he didn’t disappoint. Beating players like Alexander Zverev and Milos Raonic.

Tomorrow the Serbian will face one of the most dangerous players he could face in this kind of court, but he has already shown the world that there is no player truly difficult for him. 

After the match we could face two scenarios, the rise of a new tennis superstar or a new victory of one of the Big Three (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic), showing once more who will lead in the tennis scene.

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