Song Review: Fabric Bear- All I want

Glaswegian band Fabric Bear have released their 6th single in the past week, ‘All I want’. Although, the band have few releases currently they have managed to create an emphatic buzz around the single due to their upbeat tunes and highly impressive song writing.

Fans were clearly impressed with the new single with one stating on twitter ‘I have been dying for this since @tenemant_trail 2019’ and another saying, ‘A brilliant new tune to accompany whatever you’re doing tonight.’

It has been a while since fans of Fabric Bear have had new music with their previous single coming out on the 3rd of April last year, this all being is not fault of the bands. They were a week away from playing their first ever UK-wide tour before the pandemic halted all plans for the boys in early 2020.

All I Want by Fabric Bear

A slower entrance than usual at the beginning of the song is short lived, as you reach their infamous energetic chorus, that the band has became so popular for in such a short space of time. The powerful Glaswegian accent links so well with the use of instruments to keep you on your toes as a sort of build up before hitting the chorus at a perfect time. ‘And now we are three drinks deep and I am choking to tell you all this time what I have been hoping for.’ The anticipation building reaches its climax as we here, ‘But I am told that you just don’t know what you want to know, your eyes tell me that you do’. This catchy line along with the guitar and drums is the perfect combination to as the band continue their impressive song writing and what looks to be another song for their typical energetic live performance. As ever the boys have a strong finish with an abrupt stop, ‘I know that I want you, All I want is.’ In order to keep that high tempo up all the way through their set.

With another brilliant release to add to their growing list and many more promised throughout 2021, it looks like a big year is off to a promising start for Fabric Bear. Now all we need is that UK wide tour when it is safe to go back.

Listen here

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