Match report: Manchester City vs Arsenal

Today at Emirates Stadium, London, two teams from the Big Six, have seen their faces once more in an exciting match between the leader in the Premier League and team in the tenth position.

An interesting match, especially because it’s a new Guardiola-Arteta battle. Two coaches who worked together on Manchester City. 

In the preview we could see two teams with clear differences in the last matches performance. The Citizens are in a streak of 17 consecutive victories, including amazing matches against Liverpool (4-1) and Tottenham (3-0).

Arsenal’s situation is exactly the opposite. The Gunners haven’t had the consistency to repeat good performances for at least three matches in a row. In the last four Premier League games they lost two, tied one and only won the last match against Leeds United.

The game started tough for Arsenal. At the first minute Riyad Mahrez received the ball close to the side-line and made an amazing long pass to Sterling, who scored after a perfect header. The fact that a small player like Sterling (1,70 metres) connected a long pass with a header and with four Arsenal players around him, showed us the bigger problem on the team this season. The central defenders.

The first 30 minutes the team really suffered. The Blues played a super-offensive football that made Arsenal feel small. Every time one of the Gunners recovered the ball possession, they immediately had three or four Manchester players trying to steal the ball with an unusual speed.

The last 15 minutes of the first half of the match was paired. Arsenal really tried to take advantage of the speed of players like Saka or Pepe but couldn’t create danger to the goalkeeper Ederson. Apart from some deviated long shot.

In the second half Arsenal tried to have more ball possession but it wasn’t useful as they did it slowly and lost the ball before it got to the midfielders or even Aubameyang, who didn’t have any score opportunity in the whole game. His teammates could never help him to be important.

Guardiola’s players – on the other side – were really intelligent to use the ball possession but also to recover it before Arsenal got to cross the midfield. They just failed in creating more shoot on target. In the second half Gundogan shot and forced Leno, Gunner’s goalkeeper, to make a difficult save. 

The game ended with the 18th victory in a row from Manchester City 1-0 against an apathetic Arsenal.

Beyond the final score, The Citizens will celebrate the return of Kevin De Bruyne after he recovered from an injury. Mikel Arteta will have to keep working in order to improve his teams performance but at this time it’s hard to believe they can end this season with a new title to the club.

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