Review: Behind Her Eyes – A Netflix Original.

‘Behind Her Eyes’ is a psychological thriller limited series produced by Netflix. Created by Steve Lightfoot, the series consists of six episodes and is based on the 2017 book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough. Starring Simona Brown as single mother Louise who begins a forbidden affair with her psychiatrist boss, David (Tom Bateman), while simultaneously and secretly befriending his mysterious wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). Entering into a universe of torried affairs, mind games and toxicity leads to conflict for Louise as she navigates what she wants and what went wrong for the unhappy couple.

Yes, it’s the one with THAT ending. The one that everybody has been talking about since its release on the 17th February. Twitter was taken by absolute storm with shocked users sharing their disbelief and hysteria over the epic twist that left us all reeling.

Netflix is known for shows which you can play in the background while scrolling through your phone, however this is a show that doesn’t just demand your attention, it commands it. Each episode features misdirection, hidden gems and new information that will make you question everything you’ve already just seen. We are swayed continously between pointing the finger towards the show’s villain – something that is not ever clear until the final episode – between the homebound wife controlled by medication and the distressed husband. She still loves him incredibly dearly, an unrequited love which is shown in his negligance and refusal to return her affections. There are secrets, things we can never understand that haunt their past.

The show sways beautifully and unnoticeably from an old erotic tale, a secretary and her boss, one of seduction, secrets and suspense to horror and dark psychological thrilling cinema that brings you to the edge of your seat in anticipation. Without giving too much away, this subtle segue into new genre is fascinating and makes for the most unsuspecting and twisted endings of the last five years.

Viewers have applauded the creators for their casting, specifically for their black protagonist. Simona Brown was incredible as Louise, her expression haunting as she threads the pieces together and suffers through her night terrors and sleepwalking. Tom Bateman as psychiatrist David, though his Scottish accent dubious at points, played a fantastically convincing distraught husband, turning to alcohol and affairs to keep himself sane from his mysterious and enticingly beautiful wife Adele, played by Eve Hewson – the daughter of U2 frontman Bono. Hewson’s performance was theatrically brilliant for all the right reasons. The eerie quality of her character unsettles the audience greatly though turns quickly to the performance of the frightened, submissive wife evokes sympathy from the same audience who were suspicious mere moments beforehand.

The cinematography of forest panning, dimly lit streets and a great countryside mansion are beautiful and the colour palette throughout is astonishing with dark hues of blue and black then bright greens and sunlit white. Even Adele’s ivory ensembles in long cardigans, silken pyjamas and dressing gowns with the most gorgeous mule sandals leave the viewer entranced in this fantasy.

It is worth saying that the series delves into murky waters by possibly promoting harmful and dangerous tropes such as domestic abuse, substance abuse and the incredibly harmful ‘predatory gay man’ trope which left certain viewers unimpressed by the end of the final episode. To say any more would be spoiling the show and its many twists and turns.

The best way to watch this show is to have very little knowledge about it beforehand and go in totally blind!

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