Little Moons: The New TikTok Trend

With the miserable weather we’ve been having, TikTok users have decided to spend their time searching for a frozen snack went viral. The dessert blew up on the social media platform, with the #LittleMoons tag gaining over 153 million views, everyone in the UK seems to be hunting high and low for them.

They’ve been selling out everywhere since going viral, and people have even spotted ones hidden in other sections of shops, shoved between chips or other frozen goods so that workers can buy them after their shift without worrying they’ll be gone.

The sweets in question are Little Moon’s ice cream mochi. Suitable for vegetarians and with various vegan options, there’s something for everyone with 12 flavours. Passion Fruit and Sumatran Coconut seem to be the two most common, and there’s also Himalayan Salted Caramel, Alphonso Mango, Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Tropical, Uji Matcha Green Tea, Madagascan Vanilla, Strawberries and Cream, Honey Roasted Pistachio, Italian Roasted Hazelnut, Yuzu Lemon and Summer Raspberry.

Mochi itself is a Japanese creation, traditional mochi was made in 300 BC , in the form of a rice-cake. It was made from a glutinous rice, and can contain corn-starch, water or sugar, then filled with a sweetened bean paste. Although, just like Little Moons, you can get ice cream filled mochi, which has been around since the 1980s. People sometimes use this type for weight loss, as an ice cream mochi carries about 100 calories it is a healthier snack to have compared to a bowl of ice cream at around 350 or more calories. While they aren’t a seasonal food, they are more popular at New Year, as mochi is believed to be a symbol of good fortune.

However, a lot of people outside Japan didn’t know what mochi was before Little Moons went viral, and they were intrigued by the colourful, almost marshmallow-like sweets. Tesco was the first place newcomers hunted the treats down, but they are also sold in Waitrose, Whole Foods, Ocado, As Nature Intended, Harrods and Selfridges & Co.

They sell in boxes of 6 and commonly cost £4.50 a pack. All you need to do is leave them out the freezer five minutes before eating for the best experience, says the Little Moons creators. If you fancy a pack of these frozen treats, then be sure to act quick as due to the sudden peak in sales, retailers are now struggling to keep up with the demand.

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