Coming To A Town Near You

As lockdown restrictions begin to get lifted, Paisley prepares for its much needed face lift. Shops, bars, and restaurants have been dropping like flies since last March, but a new beginning is on the horizon as a new plan for a cinema is launched. 

Paisley Community Trust – a charity that is set on putting the community at the heart of regeneration – has recently revealed its vision for what the town centre should look like in the future.

A cinema complex, which is part of ‘Project One’ is supposedly going to be one of the new additions to the town. PCT released a tweet that said: “The cinema will include: five comfort screening rooms from 40-160 seats, bar/restaurant, rooftop café bar, community spaces, digital skills academy, cinema heritage museum, retail shop and co-working space.

“The project could take two to three years to deliver and over a 10 year period, could see the creation of 52 new jobs, generate five million new visitors to the town, deliver a £40 million economic boost to the area and provide £5 million of reinvestment back into community projects.”

Images of the new complex were first released back in July 2020, amid the first lockdown and it received a large amount of support. 

One twitter user said: “Fantastic idea. Would be huge for the town especially with Braehead teetering on the brink. Bring back life into the town/city centres away from the fake, plastic malls. Good luck.” 

Previously, Paisley has been compared to a ‘ghost town’. With hardly anyone supporting local businesses, and the economy declining, Paisley’s high street has become empty and full of shutters. 

PCT’s mission is to raise more awareness on what the town has to offer and give back to the community and hopefully this new complex will make Paisley the town it used to be. 

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