Uber Eats Has Been Real Quiet Since This App Came Out

With very little to do during the current and previous lockdowns, many people have turned to food delivery apps for a little ‘pick me up’. But what some people don’t know, is that these giant companies take around 15-35% of the orders total. 

For a small local business, this can take an unnecessary chunk away from their overall earnings, never mind how little support the hospitality industry is receiving from the government.

According to the Scottish Government website, if you own a small hospitality business you may be entitled to a “one off grant of £6,000 on top of the four weekly £2,000.”

Tom Sneddon, owner of PaisleyEats, was made redundant from the travel industry back in September 2020 during the second lockdown in Scotland.

Finding a job can be hard, but during a pandemic and continuous lockdowns, it is almost impossible. Tom found himself venturing down the hospitality route and now, the wonderful people of Paisley are ordering from his app rather than corporate giants such as Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo. 

He said: “Although I don’t live in Paisley, it’s a place I know well from working out of Glasgow Airport for 13 years, and live just 10 minutes up the road, just outside Barrhead. Knowing the challenges faced by takeaways with high commission charges from the national/multi-national companies, I thought this could be a winner.

“I can’t take on the big boys across the country, but I can give them a run for their money in my local community through local marketing and being a local face and being there to meet with the takeaway owners.”

PaisleyEats has been very successful having only been around for a few months. Many of Paisley’s well-known takeaways and restaurants are featured such as Mr Kebab, Burger & Keg, Trattoria Genova and Bianco e Nero. 

Images: Clean Foods, Forno Italian and Elderslie Coffee Co.

One Facebook user said: “Ordered from TacoTaco, food was excellent and so easy to order through the app. Nice to see a local business taking on the ‘big boys’ of delivery.”

Another: “I’ve used the app a couple of times now to order food from our favourite wee cafe Skirlies! The selection of food and cakes is always amazing, and deliveries have been on time each time I’ve ordered. I love that I can use the app to get food sent to the house, especially being stuck at home with a wee baby!”

Shops, restaurants and other businesses have been and continue to shut down left, right and centre. A lot of people online have been encouraging others to shop local and support the businesses on their own high street wherever they can. 

Tom said: “The opportunity is now here for us to work together, to get the local community to buy into using a local company, and not just a faceless, multi-billion-pound company with no real interest in Paisley or Renfrewshire.” 

The PaisleyEats owner has previously done work with local food banks and his most recent success was back in November. Tom enticed football fans who were watching the Scotland v Serbia match to order through his app and promised that for every meal ordered, PaisleyEats would donate an item of food to the local charity Renfrewshire Foodbank

“We have done some work with the local food banks and intend to do more of the same very soon.” 

If you’ve ever wanted to a support a local business, then this is definitely the way to do it! New takeaways are always being added. What are you waiting for? The app is free! 

PaisleyEats is currently doing a giveaway for its Instagram and Facebook followers. Check out the link here for more information on how to enter! 

Images: Johnstone Coffee Co., EL Locos Mexican Cantina, Biance e Nero, PaisleyEats App

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