Twitter Slates Gordon Ramsey After Falkirk Comment

Famous British chef, Gordon Ramsey, has faced backlash after bad-mouthing Falkirk on his new gameshow.  

Gordon Ramsey’s Bank Balance is the celebrity’s new show, with the grand prize of £100,000 it’s the real deal; however, the show has already seen some shocking X-rated jokes and foul language. Fans of Gordon would expect no less from the vocal chef, in his other shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, swearing is the norm.  

What shocked fans this time around was his remark about Falkirk. Born in Johnstone, Scotland, you would think Gordon would show some pride about his home country.  

However, after one pair of contestants guessed that Falkirk was one of “five cities in Scotland”, Gordon confidently said: “I was born in Scotland. Falkirk is not a city. It’s a s***hole, I swear to god.” 

The uncensored phrase made it onto national television, the producers deciding to not bleep it. The gameshow is on after 9pm, so such language can be broadcast.  

As soon as viewers saw this air, they took to Twitter to leave their mixed opinions on the comment.  

BBC off the Ball tweeted out in support of Falkirk, wanting to “hear your praises for Falkirk”. Many replies under this tweet did just that, posting their pride of being born in Falkirk.  

One even commented “Surely the best thing about Falkirk is it doesn’t have Gordon Ramsey in it.” 

Senior editor for Weber Shandwick, Duncan Peter Hare, listed several good qualities that the town has to offer: “Cinema. Good gym. Football club. Train stations [with] excellent connectivity to Glasgow & Edinburgh. The [Falkirk] Wheel. The Kelpies.” 

Radio and TV presenter, Ewan Cameron, also spoke out against the chef, he said “I have lived in Falkirk for 18 years and it has an incredible community.”  

The presenter also tweeted out: “What a cheeky git. You owe the people of Falkirk an apology.” 

 While it doesn’t look like Gordon will make a comment about the backlash, he has already found himself in more controversy after appearing on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. This time, the chef insulted a woman’s appearance while playing a “read my lips” game.  

The woman was mouthing different foods for Gordon to guess, and after several failed attempts he blamed her teeth, saying “It’s the gap in the teeth, I can’t understand what you’re saying.” 

Once again, in the space of a few days, Twitter takes to slamming Gordon Ramsey for his insensitive comments as he continues to offend people with these thoughtless remarks.  

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