Every Reign Must Come To An End – Including The Tories

The times we are in are uncertain, but one thing is clear. The current conservative government could be the last. For a long time anyway. Theresa May and David Cameron are two names we will never forget. Good or bad, they carried the UK through tough times – even if they did create them. However, the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson may just go down as one of the worst leaders this country and the Tories has ever seen. 

Let’s forget for a moment, about the fact our Prime Minister tackled a young child, got stuck on a zip-line over London and temporarily crippled a German footballer during a charity football match. As funny as these situations have become, his biggest embarrassment has been his incapability to bring the UK out of lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention his ‘smooth’ Brexit transition. 

But before judging the Tories, we should probably take a look at what they’ve done over the last 10 years and why this may be their last. 

In 2010, they raised student’s tuition fees to £9,000 a year which is triple of what they used to cost. Not only did the Tories receive a lot of back lash from this decision, but former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was made a laughing stock as he pledged during the 2010 general election to completely banish tuition fees altogether.

They introduced Universal Credit in 2013 which has cut important benefits. It was estimated that 1.9 million brits would be affected by these cuts in 2019 and could lose up to £1,000 per year. The original plan would allow all eight million – working age people – receiving benefits such as jobseekers allowance, income support and child tax credits to be receiving UC by October 2017. However, figures released showed that only 540,000 people were receiving UC by the above-mentioned date. And the ‘original’ plan has been extended to 2022, meaning the alleged eight million brits are STILL not benefiting from UC. 

Now the cherry on top has got to be COVID-19. The UK – an island – has the fifth highest death toll in the world, which is sitting at 123,000. 

March 4th, 2020 saw the surge of COVID-19 cases in the UK. Whilst other countries were closing their borders, shutting schools and shops, the Tories decided to keep everything open. From the first cases back in January 2020 it took the government two months to announce the first lockdown. 

It was optimistic of people to believe the Tories would do a good job at keeping the country safe when they don’t exactly have a good track record. ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ saw the economy becoming a little more stable as people started to venture into the big wide world once again after being cooped up in their houses for months. However, as another government programme fell flat on its face, it was the younger generations time to be blamed. Forget the £250 million that was made from the scheme, it was the young adults that caused the second surge. The Tories really find it hard to take responsibility…don’t they? Maybe they shouldn’t have rushed the first lockdown, or asked us to help build back the economy so quickly? 

If you think that’s bad, our borders are still open almost one year later and in the last week, Boris has made promises he may or may not be able to keep to those living in England. 

Time and time again, people put their trust in this corrupt party without thinking about who their decisions affect the most. A recent poll shows that 41% of people disapprove of the job Boris has been doing during his time in power and we can only hope figure increases. After all, it’s not like our country is in a mass amount of debt, deaths continuing to be on the rise and a PM who voted against free school meals. 

If you would like to read more about the Conservative party and their unfortunate way of dealing with COVID-19, please read Jenna Thomson’s article here.

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