The Livingston Reserves beat Livingston? Livingston Vs Motherwell Match Report

With a Motherwell team sheet filled to the brim with former Livingston players it’s became a running joke between ‘Well fans that Motherwell are Livingston’s ‘b team’.

The first attempts at goal came from Motherwell within the very first minute of the match as Stephen O’Donnell’s double strike was saved and Jordan Roberts effort at point blank range was deflected.

A potentially penalty was ignored for Motherwell after Tony Watt went down in the penalty box.

Watt wasn’t ready to give up there as he then proceeded to take a shot at goal, but it was off target and went wide. He then made a valiant attempt with a header, but it glided across the goal and missed the target.

Motherwell star Tony Watt was subbed off after 23 minutes due to a potential injury and was replaced by Chris Long.

The first goal came in the 32nd minute after a penalty was awarded due to a harsh tackle on Robbie Crawford which seen Devante Cole take the Steelmen 1-0

Livingston almost equalised in the 41st minute after Matej Poplatnik’s and Jack Fitzwater’s back-to-back headers were narrowly saved. Livingston didn’t stop there as Josh Mullin’s free kick met the crossbar just before the half time whistle blew.

The 53rd minute seen Chris Long find a hole in Livingston’s defence as he made a valiant attempt at goal but was saved by the keeper.

Livingston’s first substitutions were Alan forest and Scott Pittman, who came on in the 56th minute and replaced Steve Lawson and Aaron Taylor-Sinclair. The 53rd minute also seen Chris Long find a hole in Livingston’s defence as he made a valiant attempt at goal but was saved by the keeper.

Devante Cole took Motherwell’s free kick and scored his second goal of the match. Livingston were not going to back down as a minute later Fitzwater sent the ball into the right side of the net making it 2-1.

Motherwell proceeded to go 3-1 up after Devante Cole crossed the ball to Chris Long who smashed it into the back of the net in the 68th minute.

Livingston almost made a comeback in the 71st minute until Jake Carroll shut Poplatnik down on the line as he was about to make a shot on goal.

86 minutes into the match seen the return of Motherwell skipper Declan Gallagher who replaced Chris Long in hopes of further strengthening Motherwell’s dominant performance in the final few minutes.

The match ended 3-1 to Motherwell at Fir Park. Motherwell have been able to turn around their poor performances at the start of February as the team continue to claim points and try climb the table.

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