Rangers Secure The 55 As Glasgow Erupts

After being liquidated in 2012 and having to start over in the 3rd Division of Scottish football, the 7th of March 2021 marks the day Rangers Football Club fully reclaimed their former glory.

During the 2020-2021 season Rangers only drew 3 times in the Premiership and only lost one match against St Mirren in the League Cup. Rangers remain undefeated in the Premiership and are the rightful champions. Before today the last time Rangers won a league title was in the 2010-2011 season, the year before they went into administration.

The 55 was long waited for by Rangers fans of all ages and to accomplish it the same season that put a last-minute end to Celtic’s goal of reaching 10 in a row makes it all that much sweeter for fans. Due to covid restrictions fans have been unable to step foot in Ibrox to watch the boys in blue play so instead to show their support and love for the team crowds gathered at Ibrox yesterday when they became 1 point away from securing a win and when they gathered again in George Square today.

Nicola Sturgeon addressing Rangers fans on Twitter.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon congratulated Rangers for their win on Twitter but urged the crowds to disperse as she warned them about the risk covid-19 still poses in Glasgow and reminded them that they were breaking covid-19 guidelines involving meeting other households. Sturgeon has been strict with her treatment of Scottish football and has made it no secret about the anger teams and their fans has caused her when they have broken the rules. It is too early to tell if these crowds will have a definitive impact on the Scottish Government’s road map out of lockdown or if it’ll make the SFA and Scottish Government double back on their decision to let the Scottish Cup go ahead out of fear of similar scenes playing out.

 The skies are covered in red, white and blue smoke as crowds cheer and sing their hearts out as Glasgow flips from green and white to red, white and blue for the first time in 10 years. In these moments the worry and hardships of the pandemic are forgotten as fans come together to celebrate the joy that comes with following a team for better or for worse…

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