Super Straight or Super Stupid?

The LGBTQ+ community has seen its fair share of ‘made-up’ labels, from sexualities based on music to wanting pedophilia to be an accepted sexuality.

‘Super straight’ is next in line, this term began trending on twitter last week and is still being discussed. People who claim to be ‘super straight’ want to only date cis-gendered men or women. Cis-gendered being you are the gender your body was born as, transgender being your gender is different than what you were assigned at birth.

The Twitter account, @supa_str8, got the discussion going on the social media app, tweeting out:

“What is super straight? This is a new sexuality that means that you are only attracted to cisgender women or men. This was made due to an influx of people saying that you aren’t straight if you aren’t attracted to trans women/men. We are part of the LGBTQ+ now. #superstraight.”

The hashtag was trending on Twitter as people battled the legitimacy of the sexuality. Unfortunately for ‘super straights’, it seems you can’t create a sexuality and expect the community to take your word for it.

It did, however, spark a reminder from many in the trans community that if you don’t want to date someone due to a preference of genitalia, that is not transphobic.

The movement, if you will, is transphobic due to the blatant unacceptance for trans people. If someone had went through gender reassignment surgery and you still refused to date them just because they are trans – it is seen as transphobic.

To re-iterate, it is the hate towards the trans community that is the problem here, not your genitalia preference.

Anyone speaking out against this group are being called – you guessed it – ‘superphobic’. As we have seen many times before, heterosexual people often try to claim ‘heterophobia’ on social media and the ‘super straights’ are no different.

Many social media accounts with this new sexual orientation are crying out at the ‘hypocrisy’ of the LGBTQ+ community for not accepting them.

One account on Twitter posted: “#superstraight is super serious. I am not your fetish. I am a HUMAN BEING.”

Another tweeted: “Super straight and proud.”

Under the hashtag, many are tweeting that they are ‘coming out’ as super straight and making a general mockery of the coming out process and fear that LGBTQ+ individuals often feel.

The term grew legs and suddenly has many people tweeting out in support, ‘coming out’ and even has its own flag, half black half orange – yes, really.

The entire situation seems like an opportunity for bigots to thrive and make hateful comments, claiming they are being oppressed with their massive victim complex. Some people do seem to be taking it very seriously though and are fighting the comments claiming that their orientation is transphobic.

It’s a shame for these select people that mainly bigots hopped on this bandwagon that is almost as bad as when people started calling themselves ‘spicy straight’, for finding the same sex attractive.

Obviously, as previously mentioned, anyone can have a preference. It doesn’t need to then be made into a sexuality, or before we know it being attracted to blondes will have its own label. Things like these are what causes harm to the LGBTQ+ community as it gets made into a mockery, even if some participating aren’t aware of the damage it is doing.

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