Hollywood Meets Aberdeen: An Exclusive Look at the Upcoming Film ‘Tetris.’

Filming for the new film ‘Tetris’ finished this month in Scotland. Staring Taron Egerton and directed by Aberdeenshire bred Jon S Baird, the film follows Dutch entrepreneur Henk Rogers (Egerton) as he develops the game and the legal battles for ownership that took place during the Cold War in the 80s.

The filming began in December 2020 in areas around Glasgow including the Marriot Hotel and Hamilton, and in February the actors were spotted filming in Aberdeen at the university’s zoology department.

Baird said it was a dream come true to be filming in his hometown and at the very university he attended, and hopes that this can put Aberdeen on the map for any future productions after they successfully turned the Scottish city into a bleak, war ridden Soviet Russian backdrop.

Nothing has been released about the film yet, not even an official trailer or any artwork, photography, cast lists or background. When filming wrapped up three weeks ago, Taron Egerton posted a photo of himself on his Instagram page (@taron.egerton) wearing a red Tetris jumper with his character’s signature wellgroomed mustache and slick combover.

The release date of the film has not been announced either, but we managed to get an exclusive interview with an extra from the Glasgow set, Angus Eadie, who plays ‘Vladmir’ a concierge at the hotel where Rogers is staying. Eadie’s character comes face to face with Egerton, and though he has no lines, he says the experience was “mind-blowing.”

Working with big names like Baird and Egerton, including producer of ‘Kingsman’ Matthew Vaughn was a huge shock to Eadie who claims he had “no idea how big the production was actually going to be,” and when he saw Taron Egerton on set he was absolutely starstruck.

“It was lucky I was wearing a mask actually, because my jaw just dropped.”

In between takes, the cast got a behind the scenes performance, as according to Eadie, Egerton would randomly burst into song or sing through his lines. We cannot begin to hide our jealousy.

Not a lot has been revealed about the film, but we know it will follow the story of Tetris’ creation and the impending legal battles that followed throughout the Cold War period. Nothing else has been published, not even any of Egerton’s co-stars.

“It was completely surreal just standing outside the coffee van and seeing these big name celebrities walking past, who I’ve been told I’m not allowed to name because they’ve not been announced to the public yet.”

Eadie said: “Though I can’t reveal too much about the film, I can tell you that the film focuses on a lot of the American characters so there is a lot of animosity and spite between the Russians and the Americans who have came to their country.”

Filming throughout the coronavirus pandemic has meant tensions have been running high for film sets, such as Tom Cruise’s outburst last year towards Mission: Impossible crew members that were not following social distancing regulations and even threatened to have them fired. Eadie however, said that he was “pleasantly surprised” at the filming experience in Glasgow.

“I had to have two coronavirus tests done before I was even allowed on set and when you were on set, masks had to be worn at all times.”

He also spoke fondly of a specific group on set called the “Covid Crew” whose sole purpose was to make sure everybody was obeying the rules and regulations in order to have a safe filming experience.

Tetris is estimated to be arriving onto Apple TV late 2021- early 2022.

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