Song Review: Vistas- ‘Start Again’

Edinburgh band Vistas have made their return after a six-month hiatus, with their new single ‘Start Again’. They have definitely followed up with another great tune after a massive 2020 which saw the band release their debut album ‘Everything Changes in The End.’

With the band continuing their upbeat, bright, anthemic style it’s no wonder why their followers are so hyped about the song. With some followers saying, ‘congrats to @vistasmusic for maintaining their streak of putting out nothing but bangers’, and radio stations across Scotland saying, ‘They are back and better than before, it’s clear to see just how excited people were for another tune right before summer.

As ever with a Vistas release their happy upbeat lyrics begin the sing and stick throughout, with the song starting with choir-like vocals of ‘start again’, which is repeated throughout the duration of the song. ‘How do I keep saying what I mean? Got me losing sleep when it don’t come easily But it’s okay in the back of my mind Ideas for me to find when I’ve tried all I can try’ opens the song before hitting the pre-chorus. These opening lyrics start us off perfectly correlating straight away with the name of the song. Vistas infamously catch chorus’ strikes again in this one, ‘Give me something, never one for running When the words get stuck in my mind (Start again) melody calling but I feel like I’m falling ‘cause I can’t quite figure it out.’ Always one that is going to get stuck in your head and played on repeat, you can tell TRNSMT is going to enjoy this one in September with its constant upbeat tempo, and by finishing off with that upbeat chorus, the crowd is going to be on a high throughout their set and the many more gigs set to come from the Edinburgh band that we cannot wait for. This is destined to be one of the sounds of the summer for a band that just keeps producing hits.

You can listen to ‘Start Again’ here

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