Song Review: Voodoos- It’s your life

Glasgow Indie band Voodoos have released their ninth single over the past week ‘It’s Your Life’. Following on from a massive 2020 for the band, which saw releases such as TV set, Young Punks, Going South and What was that supposed to mean, fans were eagerly waiting for the first release of what is expected to be another huge year for the boys from Coatbridge.

With nearly 4,000 streams already on Spotify fans are clearly loving the new single, with one fan describing it as a, ‘Catchy piece of fuzzy, Indie rock’ and another saying it is a ‘cracking new single’.

Seven months since their last release for their E.P ‘What Was That Supposed To mean’, fan’s have been excited to say the least for the return of the band and to see how well they can kick on through 2021.

It’s Your Life – Voodoos

As ever with a Voodoos release the high tempo guitar, fast drums and energetic vocals are as ever present from start to finish. Bringing their gig-energy to their recorded music is always something the band has been highly impressive at doing. ‘Everybody sends their love, where have you been the past six months’, these opening lyrics link perfectly with the drum beat as the sole instrument to begin with, before the entrance of the guitar, which creates that well known energetic feeling right form the start. ‘And have you seen the state of everything of late, It’s your life it’s not up to me to do these things its beyond belief I don’t want to be part of it oh no’, is such a catchy line to grab the listeners attention, one of the ones you can imagine getting screamed out at a gig and to come in with that so early sets the tone for the rest of the song very well. ‘Who are you to give it up so easily you’ve had enough, and I don’t get what I have done to be feeling this way’, is a slower line, almost re-building that anticipation and catching back your breath before going hard again for the final 30 seconds of the song.

With another huge year on the horizon even without gigs and festivals, Voodoos have started of the year incredibly well with this new song, and I know fans cannot wait to hear more from the band.

Listen here:

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