SWPL1, The Season So Far…

The SWPL1 is set to return on April 4th after being suspended due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The remainder of the season will be played until the 16th of May. BBC Alba will also be showing a live game every Sunday.

The SWPL1 features the female version of male Premiership teams such as Celtic, Rangers, Motherwell and Hibs. With only eight teams in their league, there is a lot to play for and the fight to stay in the top-flight is never easy.  At the top of the table is Rangers with Glasgow City who both have 18 points and at the bottom is Motherwell and Hearts who have 3 points each. Rangers could potentially overthrow Glasgow City as league champions after 13 years of dominance in a similar fashion as their male counterparts stopping ‘10 In A Row’ and just like in the men’s league Motherwell are also fighting a relegation battle.

Some big important fixtures coming up include:

Hibs vs Hearts in the Edinbrugh Derby

Rangers vs Celtic in the Old Firm

Glasgow City vs Rangers, the fight for first place

SWPL1 is the highest division of Scottish women’s football and the quality is strong, it will be interesting to see if the scenes of the men’s Premiership will be repeated by the end of the women’s season…

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