The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 21 Review And Spoilers

The second last episode of the extended season 10 has arrived and once again it’s a bland filler episode that adds only a fraction of new story to the show. This week’s victims are Daryl, Carol, Dog and Jerry.

The episode picks up where Daryl and Carol’s last episode together picked off as they figuratively and physically part ways with Dog choosing Carol over Daryl.

Carol’s story revolves around her feelings of loneliness and hopelessness as she tries and in her mind fails to help the people of Alexandria rebuild. She repeatedly has heart to hearts with Dog that provide cute heartfelt moments but they’re not of much substance. The only main thing Carol does is bond with Jerry over them both missing their best friends, try and fail to kill a rat and make soup. Yeah..

Daryl however had a slightly more interesting story, emphasis on the word slightly. When Daryl and Carol split he gave her a small knife Leah originally gave him before she disappeared. His bike breaks down and he decides to scavenge for cars to borrow parts from to fix his bike only to find that he needed that knife to fix the bike. Daryl in these episodes has not acted in character at all as in a completely stupid decision he decides to climb under a car that has a walker trapped inside it that is suspended over a ditch that almost falls on him repeatedly. He eventually gets everything he needs and goes back to Alexandria and makes conversation with Carol to show there isn’t bad blood but they just need time to sort their issues.

Overall this was the flattest and dull episode of the five to be released so far. The first episode of the mini six set up potential storylines involving a new villain that hasn’t been mentioned since. Episode 22 is the final release of season 10 and is the much anticipated ‘Here’s Negan’ episode based on the comic that reveals his backstory that is loved by fans. If that episode flops in a similar way to the rest of the extra episodes have ratings could plummet for season 11.

Season 10 overall had been a strong season and featured one of the show’s most twisted antagonists and had incredible plot twists and character development but these fillers are disappointments. The show announced these episodes in a bid to make up for the lack of season finale in March 2020, the lack of season 11 and Rick movies due to the pandemic but in all honesty they shouldn’t have made any except from episode 17, episode 20 and depending on the quality of next week’s episode, episode 22.

Overall rating 4/10

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