Mood Squids- A Cute Trend Or A Useful Communication Tool?

A cute stuffed animal trend took the internet by storm in winter 2020 was little octopus toys you could turn inside out to make them appear happy or unhappy. The toy has been branded with different names including octoplushies, mood squids, moodpus and many others.

pictured- two sad and happy mood squids

The charm and joy that these toys bring is childlike but adorable, especially during current circumstances.

With people of all ages rushing to buy one others have asked why?

During a time that can only be described as a mental health emergency many young people in particular are struggling to remain positive. Many teens have reported feeling low or in a depressed mood most days due to the pandemic. When in this state it can be hard to fully describe your emotions and thoughts, that’s where the squids come into play. Sometimes being asked ‘how are you?’ or ‘how are you feeling?’ when you’re struggling can be the most exhausting question you will hear. Being able to show your mood without having to explain it can help relieve emotional stress. Within two seconds you can show if you’re doing okay or in need of support, even if it is just a cuddle or a friendly chat with your roommates.

Other than being a useful communication tool for struggling young people they could also be used to help young kids express their feelings through the toys, especially since they are small, cute cuddly toys young children which toddler’s love. Youngsters due to their ages and low communicative abilities can find the squids a fun play toy and education tool. They could use them as a way to learn that feeling negative emotions are okay and use the toys to show their emotions instead of throwing a tantrum.

The squids can be found on Amazon ranging in price from £5-£10. Several variations of the creatures have been made with different colour schemes and patterns. Their cartoonish appearance and and creative uses make them a much desired and useful toy. Grab one online while you have the chance!

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