No Way Jose!

Jose Mourinho has been sacked from Tottenham Hotspur as of the 19th of April.

Although there was no official statement from Daniel Levy or Tottenham themselves as to why Mourinho has been sacked, there have been multiple different conclusions made up by varied reporters and people on social media as to why it has happened, especially with their EFL cup final against Manchester City just six days away.

Here are some of the suggested reasonings behind the sacking of Mourinho.

Deliverance of trophies and European football

Wherever Mourinho has been he has delivered success to the club, and when Levy announced the signing of Mourinho in November of 2019, the thought throughout English fans was that ‘Spurs would finally win a major honor after many years.

Now though, 18 months later it does not look likely that Tottenham will secure Champions League football since they are 5 points off the final space. Along with a shock exit from the Europa league against Dinamo Zagreb, which was their best chance at silverware especially when you see what Mourinho done with Manchester United a few seasons ago.

With now their only hope being a final against arguably the best team in the world right now it looks like it would be another trophyless season for the North London club.

Elite level players leaving in the summer.

Correlating with their lack of trophies, captain and star striker Harry Kane has been linked with moves away from club for many seasons now, but this year it seems like a real possibility.

Many have reported that there have been crisis talks between Kane and Levy over the lack of funding in the squad and deliverance on trophies. This has led to multiple reports of Kane leaving as a result of the crisis talks. With ex striker Dimitar Berbatov making a statement saying Kane should follow in his footsteps of leaving Tottenham in the search of claiming silverware in his career. Kane recently became the leading goal scorer in England to not have won a domestic trophy (196). And with the likes of Sergio Aguero moving on in the summer it seems a perfect time for Kane to jump ship.

This has led some to speculate that Levy sacked Mourinho in a panic of clearing out the management and squad in order of keeping his best players and to eventually challenge for proper silverware in the extremely near future.

European Super League fallout.

Throughout football almost overnight there has been a complete uproar from football clubs, fans and players at the possibility of a breakout league containing the top 6 English, top 3 Spanish and Italian clubs to have their own super league, which include Tottenham.

Now with Mourinho having been sacked the most reliable sources have come from a fall out between Mourinho and Levy over Mourinho refusing to take his team out onto the training pitch in protest to the super league. Also, a lot of inappropriate language was aimed at Levy during their heated debate inside the clubs training facility which then in turn ended Mourinho’s Tottenham career.

Although none of this is official, this seems to be the most reliable source at this current time.

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