Song Review: Weekend Debt – Nobody Everyone

Second release of 2021 for Glasgow band, Weekend Debt, has continued their quick rise through the Alternative rock scene in Glasgow, using their own variation to create high tempo, incredibly melodic tunes to add to the high class of Glasgow based bands. With just two and a half months between their last release ‘Why don’t you Realise’ and ‘Nobody Everyone’ the band are on the right path in their rise to the top.

Always creating an explosive sense with their music, ‘Nobody Everyone’ hits exactly the same, with the misdirection of what seems like a drunken phone call before being smacked with a heavy bass a drum intro. Channeling the emotions post break up, they use this ‘Built up rage’ , and focus it into the sound of their music with the use of heavy hitting chords and drumbeats throughout the majority of the song. ‘I can’t tell if I’m hungover or I can’t tell if I want her over’ gives us the idea of the drunken phone call and shows the mixed emotions during the song. The song poses many perfect opportunities for ‘moshpits’ throughout the song, just like at the 1 minute mark, were the bass cuts and we are left with the tapping of the symbol with, ‘Nobody wants me, Everyone wants me, repeated twice, getting louder each time, before we reach the heavy hitting chords at the climax of the buildup. This will lead the song to be incredibly popular within their fan base and the gig community as a whole

With a potentially massive year in bound for the band with gigs in Edinburgh near the end of the year they have definitely got fans on the right side of the band, with some fans tweeting, ‘What a Treat! I did not know they were releasing a new one today. Amazing.’ It is clear to see how much traction the boys from Lanark have been able to generate with two huge drops in 2021 and hopefully many more to come from the band and Disobedient Records in the very near future!

You can listen here to ‘Nobody Everybody’ Here!

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