Pressure Falls On North Lanarkshire Council As Waste Crisis Grows

Residents of North Lanarkshire have been left disgusted as fly tipping and littering has increased drastically in the local community. Many public parks, fields and woodland areas have seen an increase in people leaving their mess for others to dispose of.

An abundance of smashed glass bottles, used coffee cups, plastic bottles and dog waste bags have been appearing scattered around parks and other commonly visited public spaces since lockdown restrictions were put in place last March. There has also been an increase in rogue couches and fridges being left on roadsides and fields illegally for others to remove.

Pictured: Several discarded bottles, cans and overall rubbish left abandoned in an woodland area within North Lanarkshire.

Conservative North Lanarkshire Councillor Robert Burgess said: “It’s a problem that’s not going to solve itself. Funding has been cut from Holyrood for councils and as they cut us, we have to cut services. 60% of people are recycling properly which is great, but we need to make that target of 100% which SEPA is recommending we do in the next two years.”

Burgess then said: “With this waste issue you have a legal problem where those that are fly tipping are breaking the law and prevent us from doing our jobs, it touches landlords who don’t have control over when or if their property’s bins are being treated correctly, you also have a commercial problem where business aren’t sticking to the rules and there’s the financial side of things too as there isn’t enough money to make it work.”

“The overall situation is massive, and it is the whole of North Lanarkshire that is impacted. The council does what it can afford to combat the issue but the issue is down to the people to recycle properly and if we don’t get more people recycling the problem will grow.”

Pictured: Graph showcasing the results from a multiple choice survey conducted by the Hummingbird Journal about what residents of North Lanarkshire believe the reasons behind the increase in litter are within the community

The public believe laziness, anti-social behaviour as well as a lack of resources are the biggest factors impacting the increase in waste. Local North Lanarkshire resident Stuart Thomson had this to say on the matter:

Stuart detailing the true extent of North Lanarkshire’s litter crisis.

Fly tipping is illegal and you can face a £40,000 fine and imprisonment if you’re taken to court in Scotland. Punishments can vary depending on whether a case is running under Solemn or Summary procedure with fines changing in price and jailtime fluctuating between six months and five years.

If you come across fly tipping within North Lanarkshire and you wish to report it you can do so via the following link:

Guidance surrounding waste management and waste removal can also be found at

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