Smoking Ban Threatens Pubs

Shops, pubs and restaurants all start to re-open as we start to gain some normality after over a year of uncertainty, but people still have some fears.

Even with these re-openings, certain restrictions remain in place. One that could be a problem for pubs is the ban on drinking alcohol inside.

Alcohol can be served outside until 10pm, however it is not the curfew that is putting people off.

A YouGov survey asked: “Do you think that smoking should or should not be banned from the sitting areas and spaces immediately outside of pubs, cafes and bars?”

A large majority of voters agreed that smoking should be banned from these areas.

Photo: YouGov Survey Results Chart

Already having faced a ban on indoor smoking, the zero-tolerance law, the Coronavirus pandemic and now this new problem, pubs are struggling to keep business coming in. Will this new hurdle put yet another nail in the coffin for pubs?

Photo: The Royal Oak Hotel, Alloa

Craig Stewart, owner of the Royal Oak pub and hotel in Alloa, said: “I don’t think it should be banned completely.

If it is just at the tables I am fine with that. I don’t believe that there should be smoking and eating food at the same area.”

Photo: The Royal Oak’s beer garden

The Royal Oak has put a lot of work into their beer garden so that then can re-open with the option of serving alcohol outside. They also have their own designated smoking area.

Photo: The designated smoking area at the Royal Oak
WATCH: Pub owner discusses smoking bans in depth.

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