SWPL1 Results Recap: Week 13

The race for the title hit an extremely heated stage as the fight for European qualifier spots intensified and the top of the table faced second in the table as both teams fought to prove themselves. Here are the results you may have missed this week.

Undoubtedly the biggest game this weekend was Glasgow City vs Rangers as Glasgow were able to extend their lead at the top thanks to the three points they were able to take off Rangers in the form of a 2-0 victory. Goals from Priscilla Chinchilla ultimately being the deciders that seen Rangers fall into third.

Glasgow City’s Scott Booth said: “It was another big win today. I think to get results like we did today you need great performances.”

City vs Rangers wasn’t the only game of the day as Hibernian strengthened their fifth place slot as they went 7 ahead of Forfar Farmington thanks to their 5-0 win. Goals from Colette Cavanagh, Amy Muir, Joelle Murray and Carla Boyce seen Forfar’s hopes of climbing the table halt once again.

Head coach Kevin McGreskin said: “Our aspiration is still to go out and compete we know that Hibs are the next level of club above of us and we want to break into that area and aspire to be fourth, you don’t play football unless you have ambition.”

Spartans met Hearts in another Edinburgh derby which seen Spartans walk away with a 3-0 victory. Ronaigh Douglas, Kat Smart and Michaela McAlonie all appeared on the score sheet for Spartans as they increase their strength in fourth.

Spartans player Katherine Smart said: “It was a tough game, Hearts always put up a good fight against us. They defended very well, we didn’t particularly play well but we fought hard we had a good second half and I think the goals showed that.”

Celtic met Motherwell at home and comfortably achieved a 3-0 win against the women of steel with Sarah Teegarden and Rachel Donaldson’s goals being enough to help the hoops climb past their old firm rivals and land in second.

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