Beauty Industry Affected by Lockdown in Scotland

‘Dermiglo’ is a beauty salon in Uphall, Broxburn that was first launched back in March 2020, but since then has had to close three times due to restrictions put in place to deal with Covid in Scotland. You can check out their website at

Over a year since then, things have still not gone back to normal. Shazia Nadeem, the owner of the Dermiglo said that she is still not allowed to perform certain treatments on clients.

Inside Dermiglo

“The main struggle was being a new business that opened just before the pandemic. This made it harder to get access to the business grant the government had in place as it was more suited to businesses that had been open for years” she says.

In the graph below by McKinsey Global, it shows customers during Covid are spending less than usual on beauty products ; but other categories may suffer worse. This means that even though the beauty industry will be affected by Covid, it still might fare better than businesses in other industries.

Graph by McKinsey Global

There are many businesses like Dermiglo in Scotland that still can’t go back to normal. Beauty salons that do treatments on the face have been prohibited from doing so in order to comply with covid regulations, although for many salons, facial treatments are the most popular.

http://Taha Speaking To Dermaglow

Salons in Scotland re-opened on 26th April, Dermiglo being one of the many. Although, the full impact of Covid and the cost it has had on small businesses like Dermiglo is only starting to show.  

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