Council Cuts Force Glasgow Golf Course Closures

Glasgow City Council have confirmed the continued closure of leisure venues across the city with the permanent closure of five of the city’s golf courses also being announced. With lockdown measures easing nationwide, many gyms, football centres and golf courses in Glasgow remain closed to the public.

Alexandra Park Golf Course in Glasgow’s east end is amongst the golf courses being permanently closed, leading to outrage amongst its loyal patrons and members of the community. The closure of this course leaves only Lethamhill Park in the east end which is being handed over to private firm R&A in the summer to be redeveloped over the next few years into a private state of the art facility.

Pictured:Glasgow golf course

Jack Miller, 21, has been going to the course from a young age and shares the anger felt by many others at the closure of the course, he said: “I think it’s quite devastating for the city, with golf being ripped away from the kids, they will never get to grow up playing golf the way I did.” The only other council course that will be available is in Knightswood and due to being situated in Glasgow’s west end it means travel to it is not feasible for many.  

These cost cutting measures by the council were largely condemned by citizens at a consultation meeting last summer and they feel that they are being priced out of the sport.

Glasgow Life released a list of closures and revealed that they are “Looking for new operating models for this facility through People Make Glasgow Communities” for the course. Volunteers are now expected to be able to run and maintain the course should it remain open in the future. Jack Miller said: “Of course I would pitch in but in the long run I don’t see it being a viable solution to keeping the golf course open.”

WATCH: Interview with Jack Miller
PICTURED: Info graph showing prices

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