Covid Is Putting Strain On Small Businesses In Glasgow

Business owner of ‘Forge Colour Print’ has endured the struggles of making less income during the pandemic.
Elizabeth Thompson, 54, is the owner of Forge Colour Print which is located in the Forge Shopping Centre and has owned the business for the past six years.

WATCH: Interview with local shop owner.

When the pandemic struck it was a shock to all business owners, they were left feeling uncertain about how they would cope. Elizabeth was left feeling hopeless when she could no longer work in her shop, and found it more difficult when she became aware that the lockdown restrictions would be lasting a lot longer than was expected.
She said: “the first lockdown wasn’t so bad, but when the second lockdown hit it was a real struggle.”
Elizabeth was also asked to continue paying full rent and service charge by the Forge management team. This was very difficult for all small business owners in the Forge and put them under a lot of stress.
She said: “Although we receive some grants from the government, the grants would no where near match wages, bills, electricity, the rent and service charge.”

PICTURED: Elizabeth’s business

She also explains that it was more difficult for business owners who own non essential shops like herself as they were not allowed to open until restrictions eased and Glasgow came out of lockdown. She said: “A lot of small businesses had to shut down because they couldn’t afford to pay the full rent.”

Small business owners were ‘literally left without a penny’ as there was no way of being able to earn a steady income, that was until small business owners began receiving grants from the government.

More information on the subject can be found here: Small Business Britain: The Impact of COVID-19 To-Date (

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