Independence or Covid Recovery? Douglas Ross Criticises Nicola Sturgeon For Taking Her “eye off the ball”

Douglas Ross Discusses Scottish Election Results and His Covid-19 Recovery Plan

There are many reasons as to why this election has been the most important within Scottish Politics. There was a record-breaking turnout and the SNP were one seat away from a majority. However, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross, wants to focus on Scotland’s future and that doesn’t involve another independence referendum.

Infographic: BBC

Ross said: “It’s very interesting that the SNP are saying every vote cast for them is a vote for independence, when before the election, Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t be clearer. 

“People who would vote for the SNP support Nicola Sturgeon and that wouldn’t be taken as a vote for another independence referendum and then as soon as the ballot boxes close, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP were trying to say every single vote is a mandate for another referendum.”

The Scottish Conservatives were successful in equalling their results from the 2016 elections, winning 31 seats. However, they lost two constituencies, Edinburgh Central and Ayr to the SNP. 

Infographic: BBC

With restrictions being lifted and normality in sight, the Scottish Tories want to be at the forefront of the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and are focusing on ‘funding the NHS and creating good jobs and growth in every part of the country’

Ross said: “I think most people want this Parliament, 129 MSP’s, to start delivering on the issues that really matter to people and for me and the Scottish Conservatives, that’s securing a recovery from Covid-19”. 

“Let’s deliver on education, let’s invest in the NHS, let’s protect jobs here in Scotland and let’s get on top of our drug crisis, because Nicola Sturgeon has accepted that over the last 14 years, she has taken her eye off the ball and we cannot do that any longer or more lives will be lost.”

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