Popular Cumbernauld Tattoo Artist Back to Work After Months Out of Work Due to COVID-19

Earlier this week, thousands of people up and down the country were able to start work again after recent Coronavirus lockdown restrictions were eased by the government.

One sector, that was hit badly from the pandemic and started back this week were the self-employed. Mhairi Paterson, 29, a self-employed tattoo artist, working out of ‘Kaizen’ in Cumbernauld, began work again this week after a lengthy lay-off.

Back in 2020, tattoo parlours, along with many shops and restaurants were able to open for a brief spell only to be shut down again due to the prevalence of COVID-19 deaths and positive tests still evident.

Mhairi explained that things were rather different around the studio than before the pandemic, with all the tattoo artists required to wear extra PPE and their workstations and equipment to be sterilised thoroughly more than ever before.  She said: “We are actually still following all the protocols that we were following in July after the first lockdown…so obviously masks and PPE, everything’s still as it was.”

Having to rely on the self-employment grant over lockdown, Mhairi and her partner struggled to make up for the few thousand pounds that they were used to making a month, while trying to pay off their mortgage. The couple from Dennistoun worried over lockdown about how they would pay their mortgage with not being at work and only receiving a fraction of their monthly income.

Mhairi at work

She was excited to get back to work and to be back to normality. She said: “It’s been great (being back to work), so glad to be back to be making money and we can finally get our bills paid, but also it’s just nice to be out the house and to be seeing and talking to people.”

“As soon as we can get to a point where we don’t need to wear masks anymore, I think it’ll be safe to say we’ll be open for good after that.”

WATCH: Full interview with Mhairi

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