The SWPL2 Everything you need to know

The Scottish Women’s Premier League 2 is now back in action after being postponed due to the outgoing pandemic. Two promotion places are available this season for teams to progress into the SWPL1 and since there was no relegation this year anyone could win their place in the top flight of Scottish women’s football.

The league is made up of 10 teams: Aberdeen, Hamilton Accies, Partick Thistle, Dundee United, Glasgow Women, St Johnstone, Queen’s Park, Kilmarnock, Boroughmuir Thistle and Stirling University.

With 7 out of the 10 teams having a well known men’s equivalent this league has lots to offer to new fans that may only be familiar with men’s football in Scotland.

Currently at the top of the table is Aberdeen and Hamilton Accies with 30 and 22 points respectively. Partick Thistle and Dundee United are close behind with 22 and 21 points. Glasgow Women and St Johnstone sit in fifth and sixth with 16 points each but Glasgow Women are ahead on goal difference.

Queen’s Park is in seventh with 13 points, Kilmarnock is in eight with 10 points, Boroughmuir Thistle is in ninth with 9 points and Stirling University sits at the bottom with 1 point.

Aberdeen play at Cormack Park in Aberdeen which is used both as the women’s team’s grounds and as a training facility for the club.

Hamilton Accies share their stadium with their men’s team at the Fountain of Youth Stadium in Hamilton which is most commonly known as New Douglas Park.

Partick Thistle can be found at Cormack Park in Firhill as well as Petershill Park in Springburn. Both of these areas are regions within Glasgow.

Dundee United reside at the Dundee International Sports Complex in Dundee.

St Johnstone plays at McDiarmid Park alongside their men’s team equivalent in Perth.

Queen’s Park plays at the Nethercraigs Sports Complex in the Corkerhill region of Glasgow as well as Lesser Hampden in the Mount Florida region of Glasgow.

Kilmarnock can be found in the town of the same name at Rugby Park in Ayr which they share with the men’s team.

Glasgow Women and Girls can be found at Tinto Park in the south side of Glasgow as well as Petershill Park in Springburn.

Boroughmuir Thistle can be found in Edinburgh at the Meggetland Sports Complex.

Stirling University can be found in Stirling at the Stirling University Sports Ground.

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