Euro 2020: Scotland’s Comeback

Scotland were like a completely different team at Wembley on Friday and showed they are not to be judged solely on their game against the Czech Republic.

Stephen O’Donnell was heavily criticised following his performance last Monday, but he proved doubters wrong as he successfully got inside the heads of England’s supposed ‘world class’ players and held his own against the likes of Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish.

O’Donnell’s attempt at goal was Scotland’s most promising of the game and his defensive efforts proved that Motherwell’s future captain can compete against top level players and keep his cool.

Stephen’s Post-Match Interview

Billy Gilmour made his first appearance and secured the status of UEFA’s man of the match as the youngster helped solidify Scotland’s midfield. Fans had been shouting for Gilmour to make an appearance and he would’ve most likely started against Croatia on Tuesday if he hadn’t tested positive for Covid. The youngster has a strong Scotland career ahead of him if he continues to show the same ability he has at Chelsea and at Wembley.

Celebrating a goalless draw against the ‘old enemy’ may seem strange from an outsider’s perspective however, with England being marketed as one of the best teams in the tournament and speculated to get 5+ goals past Scotland the draw proved that Scotland should never be underestimated. The point gained also meant Scotland still may have an opportunity to go past the group stages.

The different ways Scotland could progress past the group stages.

Scotland could still stand a strong chance if their game against Croatia and the games around Hampden go in their favor. If Scotland progress past the group stages it will be the best cup run the men’s national team has ever had. The boys are just getting started and hopefully they’ll go all the way and make the nation even prouder than they already are.

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