Matt Hancock: Saves Lives And Cheats On His Wife!

Pictures and video footage have emerged of UK Health Minister Matt Hancock engaging in an affair with his aide Gina Coladangelo.

Dad of three and married man Matt Hancock had been caught with Gina in a restaurant in May this year, two weeks after their kissing video took place. They were supposedly caught on camera once again engaging in adultery together this week. It is unknown how long the affair has been going on for.

Gina Coladangelo’s brother Roberto Coladangelo is the strategy director of Partnering Health Limited, which is a private healthcare company, has been given numerous NHS contracts. Hancock had previously been found guilty of mishandling NHS related government contracts during the pandemic but didn’t face any official punishments. This is yet another potential example of Tory ministers giving vital government contracts to friends and associates instead of through a company’s merit and ability. This is also another example of hypocrisy and blatant covid rule breaking by the UK Government and has to be punished. Breaking rules Matt Hancock himself signed into power is amongst one of the worst public failings this government has had during the pandemic.

Matt Hancock said:”I accept that I breached the social distancing guidance. I have let people down and am very sorry. I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic, and would be grateful for privacy for my family on this personal matter.”

Pictured: Wesminster

The MET police said they won’t be investigating Hancock’s covid rule breaking as the matter was ‘retrospective’. No10 have refused to say if Hancock has acted illegally by breaking social distancing rules.

The incident is said to have taken place on the 6th of May 2021, when inside mingling of people out-with household bubbles was illegal and had a punishment of a £200 fine. Hancock however, says that he believes he didn’t break England’s strict covid rules as they were together for ‘work purposes’ and not social reasons.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended Hancock as demand for him to resign and or be sacked rises. Boris Johnson is known to have had his fair share of affairs throughout his career and recently married his former mistress so it’s no surprise Hancock still has his support.

Hancock’s actions have left the public questioning why they should be expected to conform when their own politicians can’t? If the UK Government want to salvage their reputation and integrity Hancock must be dismissed or resign. Especially after they’ve called for opposition MPS to resign over lesser matters…

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