Motherwell FC Fans Raise Almost £60K For Their Fellow Fans

When Motherwell FC announced season ticket holders would get free tickets next season they encouraged supporters to donate funds to a charity scheme the club was running. Fans listened and have donated £58,155 to give low income supporters free season tickets.

The Well In scheme’s aim was to raise funds for season tickets for low income and unemployed supporters in the area that may not have been able to afford one. Motherwell also have pledged to match the funds raised in order to give back as many tickets as possible to the community.

Mothrwewell’s season ticket prices

In a statement released to their website Motherwell said:” In the 1980s and early 1990s, our town was going through another crisis with high unemployment. Then, the club, the fans and local businesses rallied around to help people receive free tickets for matches.

“We displayed our community spirit and care for each other, ensuring people remained part of our family and stayed in contact with people, while they tried to get back on their feet.

“Now, we once again want to give something back to those in our area who want to get to the football, and help them share in the community spirit and friendship that being in our stadium brings. We want everyone to feel able to be part of our club, and remove the financial barrier to entry where possible.

“It is in our DNA to improve people’s lives where we possibly can. Giving people the lifeline of a network and an escape every fortnight at Fir Park could make the world of difference.”

Motherwell is a notorious working class town and having the club actively try to better the lives of residents shows locals when it feels like no one cares, the club cares. The Well In scheme and Motherwell’s mental health work further establish their status as a fan orientated community club.

You can donate to the scheme via and 100% of funds raised go directly to free tickets.

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