Motherwell Manager Graham Alexander Reflects On Big Cup Win Before The Lanarkshire Derby

After a dramatic 3-2 win over Queen of the South on Saturday, Graham Alexander’s steelmen are set to play their real rivals on Wednesday. Fighting back in the second half to secure three goals seen Motherwell move into the top slot in their group.

Motherwell Manager Graham Alexander said:” I thought we were the better team. We lost two really sloppy goals at the end of the first half but I thought we were in control before then. We were just not clinical enough in front of the goal.

“We had to make a slight tweak tactically and the players went out there and turned the dial up to 10 instead of 8 and a half. We have new players making their debuts coming in and there’s boys getting their second 90 minutes and if we had more players that couldn’t have happened as we want to look after them.

“I think we need to have five or six options for the attacking front three positions because we ask a lot of them. We’re going to face different opponents like this and we need to be able to look at the bench and have impacting players. We still need to welcome back a couple of players as well, we have a real goal threat in that front three.”

Graham Alexander attending the post match press conference

When speaking about the upcoming Lanarkshire derby Alexander said: “We’re still building towards the league program as that is now the end of the fourth week of pre-season. We’ve been hit hard the first couple of weeks with players missing.

“Liam Donnelly played an hour today and was excellent, he would’ve got a full 90 if he was fully fit because we know how good of a player he is. We need to look after him and bring him in carefully.

“We’re looking forward to the Airdrie game we’re bringing big numbers of fans with us which will be great and hopefully we don’t take them through the emotions like we did today.

“We need to keep improving and building the team. I’m still learning about the Motherwell scenario involving the enviroment and I didn’t realise when I first came that Airdrie was the big one because Hamilton is so close.

“I’m learning about the club everyday and it was a learning experience today seeing the supports and I thought it was brilliant, I could’ve sworn there was 10,000 Motherwell fans here when we came out at the start of the game.”

As the derby looms overhead big questions will be asked of Motherwell as they try to hold onto that top spot in the Premier Sports cup. Will Graham Alexander’s steelmen come out on top after not playing in the real derby for many years? or will Airdrie pull the rug from under their feet? Only time will tell.

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