Product Review: Scrub Daddy Sponges

Editors Note– This was not a paid or sponsored article all images of the sponges featured are ones bought using the journalists own money, the Hummingbird Journal is not affiliated with Scrub Daddy and all opinions are of the journalist writing this article.

Despite being famous in America for years Scrub Daddy sponges have only became popular in the UK in the last 18months.

Scrub Daddy creator, Aaron Krause, created the famous Scrub Daddy material in 2007. The product went through various stages before finally becoming the smiley faced sponge cleaners know and love in 2011. From there Krause took his product on the US equivalent of Dragons Den and received backing from one of their equivalent dragons.

Array of Scrub Daddy Products

Various Scrub Daddy products exist including a soft sponge variant called a Scrub Mummy, an Eraser Daddy, quirky variants on the original Scrub Daddy/Mummy moulds and many many more.

The sponges are soft in warm water and become firm in cold water. The Scrub Daddy style features ‘flextexture foam’ which ‘avoids odour and doesn’t scratch surfaces.’

A soapy Scrub Mummy

The eyes of the sponge are meant to be used by your fingers to help clean inside glasses, cups etc. The smile is for cleaning both sides of cutlery to make cleaning easier and more efficient.

They can also be used on surfaces and have even been used to help clean dirty makeup brushes.

The Scrub Daddy products make cleaning extremely simple and effective. Integrating the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mummy into your cleaning routine will provide excellent results.

Products can be found in B&M, Savers, Amazon and EBay in the UK. Not all US Scrub Daddy products are available in the UK just yet but a full extensive list of what Scrub Daddy offers can be found via their US website. It must be noted however they only ship to the US when buying from their ‘Smile Store.’

Overall rating= 5 stars out of 5.

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