Max Whitlock Takes Team GB Gold Medal Count To 10

Defending pommel horse Olympic champion, Max Whitlock becomes Team GB’s 10th gold medal winner. Today’s gold is also his sixth medal of his career making him the fourth artistic gymnast to defend his status as Olympic champion.

Editors Note- We know this image isn’t of Whitlock it was the only image we had access to that was relevant to the gymnastics horse event, we used it as it was the best one we could find with the resources we have. Photo by Pixabay on

Whitlock was the first athlete to compete in today’s round and scored an amazing 15.583, a score no one else was able to match.

He originally hoped to win medals in all gymnastic fields but soon realised where his strengths lay. Out of the eight available spaces, Whitlock came fifth but still dazzled judges with his skill upon entering the final.

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