Team GB Grab The First Ever Gold In The Mixed Relay Triathlon

Team GB’s Jonny Brownlee, Jessica Learmonth, Georgia Taylor-Brown and Alex Yee won the gold medal in the triathlon mixed relay. The event featured a 300 metre swim, a 6.8 kilometre cycle and a 2 kilometre run.

Jess Learmonth started the event for Team GB with an outstanding first leg but it was the efforts from the rest of the team that solidified the win.

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Brownlee was pivotal to the win as he produced the fastest leg of the day and as a result, provided Team GB with a 9 second advantage.

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Taylor-Brown took the advantage to 22 seconds as she helped set Alex Yee into a powerful position going into the final rounds. The win almost slipped from Team GB’s grasp as Yee was overtaken during the 6.8 kilometre cycle but Yee was able to come out on top.

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