Forfar Farmington Withdraw From The SWPL1

Angus’s professional women’s football team, Forfar Farmington has announced they have had to withdraw from the Scottish Women’s Premier League over player shortages.

After key players such as Donna Paterson and London Pollard departed the club, Forfar were unfortunately unable to recruit enough players to have a full squad. Despite recently hiring Eddie Wolecki Black to be their head coach it sadly wasn’t enough.

In a statement Forfar Farmington said: “Having exhausted all options in regards to player recruitment we have been unsuccessful in securing a squad for the 21/22 season. We approached the SWF towards the end of last week with our concerns and out of respect for the league, associated clubs and with a heavy heart we formally requested to be withdrawn from the SWPL1 on Monday.”

Forfar’s full statement.

The statement then went on to thank everyone that had been involved with the club and that they ‘will now refocus’ their efforts into their youth teams in hopes of a positive future.

Due to Forfar withdrawing Partick Thistle have now been promoted to the SWPL1 after coming third in the SWPL2 last year. SWPL2 will now be a 7 team league as the championship has been unable to play fully due to Covid and therefore no one can be promoted. The SWPL1 will stick to its original plan of upgrading to being a 10 team league this season. The SWF hope to increase the SWPL2 to a 10 team league again next season.

Forfar was meant to be playing Rangers at home in their first league game on the 5th of September and Hibs in the SWPL Cup on the 15th of August. It can inly be assumed that Partick Thistle’s new league fixtures will be Forfar Farmington’s original ones.

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