Back To School Essentials

As the school year rapidly approaches some college and university students will be returning to campuses for lessons for the first time in many months. Here is a list of some must have items you need in your bag this academic year.

  1. Hand sanitizer is a must! Having a bottle on you can be extremely useful and can help keep you germ free as you travel via public transport or handle several doors about campus.
  2. Having a packet of masks in your bag can be a literal lifesaver and can help avoid awkward situations if you’ve forgotten to put one in your pocket or if your current one breaks.
  3. Keep your student ID card inside your bag to avoid leaving it at home, especially if you need to have it on you for track and trace purposes.

Now you have your mini-covid resource pack sorted it’s time to sort out the rest of your bag.

  1. The most obvious one has to be buy a bag that is appropriately sized for your needs.
  2. Likewise with bag size notebooks and pencil cases should be appropriately sized for your needs.
  3. Water bottles can be life changers on campus. Days can be long and bringing your own water can help beat dehydration and overall make you feel better.
  4. Bringing your own snacks and food can help save a lot of money as once you add travel expenses into the equation on campus learning can cost a lot. Bringing your own food can also help save time in between classes as you won’t need to wait in long lines and can help avoid you arriving late to class.
  5. Having folders ready to keep any paper handouts safe as well your notebooks can be extremely useful, especially during the autumn and winter when it rains more frequently and heavier.
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