New Celtic Star Kyogo Furuhashi Victim Of Rangers Fan Racism

A video has been circulating online of a Rangers supporters bus signing racist chants about the Celtic Player.

The Japanese striker had signed for the hoops during the summer transfer window and has quickly became a fan favourite due to his impressive skills. However, a minority of Rangers fans immediately began to mock him.

The video featured Rangers fans saying Kyogo Furuhashi had “ate their dog” and mocked the shape of his eyes.

This isn’t the first time some Rangers fans have shown hypocrisy towards racism.

Despite mass support from Rangers supporters and the rest of Scottish football towards Glen Kamara after he was racially abused on the pitch last season by a Slavia Prague player, Rangers fans will still target their Celtic rivals with this type of hate.

Rangers FC has released a statement about the situation saying: “Rangers condemns all forms of racism and discrimination.

“Those who indulge in such behaviour are not representative of our club or the loyal support who have stood by us through thick and thin.

“We are currently investigating to identify the individuals involved.”

Celtic on Twitter last night showing support for Kyogo.

Other supporters from Scottish clubs have condemned the actions in the video by labelling them as not ‘true football fans’ but the sad truth is, they are.

The supporters spent money on a ticket for the Rangers game against Ross County, spent money on strips and on the bus that took them to the game. These weren’t fans that don’t follow the team closely enough to know players of their own team or Celtic’s or never watch a game unless it’s an Old Firm. These were your average day to day supporters and they happily and publicly demonstrated this behaviour dressed in their team’s colours. This is an issue that has been seen repeatedly within small groups of Rangers fans, whether it be singing sectarian songs such as the ‘Billy boys’ or actions similar to those seen in the video.

It is wrong to assume however that all Rangers fans agree with how the racist supporters were behaving. Many also don’t agree with the sectarian chants that have been linked to the club in the past.

For a small minority of football fans across the world they will care about racism and discrimination but only when it impacts their team and their players, not when it comes to other teams.

Celtic released a statement about the video. They said via Twitter: “If reports are accurate then such sickening and pathetic racist behaviour directed towards Kyogo Furuhashi deserves absolute condemnation.

“Unfortunately, a number of Celtic players in recent years have suffered similar racist abuse.

“As a club open to all, we stand firmly against racism in all its forms and we will give Kyogo our full support.

“All stakeholders must work together in tackling all forms of bigotry.”

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