The Walking Dead Season 11 Premier Review & Spoilers

Now that The Walking Dead has moved over to Disney+ UK viewers now no longer have to wait until 9pm on a Monday to watch the latest episodes.

The premier begins with Daryl, Jerry, Alden, Maggie, Magna, Kelly, Carol, Rosita and Lydia raiding a military base that is filled with sleeping walkers, Eventually they wake up and a classic all girl team up occurs to defeat them.

The crew then return to a desiccated Alexandria and decide to go on what is labelled by Rosita as a ‘suicide mission’’ They plan to take back a train station that was overrun by Maggie’s enemies she made off screen. Neegan questions the safety and motive behind Maggie’s decision to go as she accuses her of only bringing him so she can take him out and then takes digs at Glen’s demise as Maggie warns him “ the woman that left six years ago isn’t who is here right now.”

They get ambushed by walkers as two side characters go missing in the tunnels that are lined with body boyd filled with walkers. Dog runs away during a scramble to climb a train car and Daryl desperately tries to find him as Neegan and Maggie are left to work together. Neegan is faced with a choice help Maggie climb a train car or be devoured by walkers. Neegan chooses the latter and the episode ends.

While the main gang scouts the train station Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel and Princess are processed by the Commonwealth’s immigration team. They continuously ask about their medical history and where Alexandria is located which angers Ezekiel who doesn’t disclose his cancer. He takes some petty jabs at newly introduced comic character Mercer, the head solider of the Commonwealth. Yumiko is taking on the role Michonne had during the comic Commonwealth arc. Yumiko is a lawyer like comic Michonne however, instead of finding her daughter Yumiko discovers her sister lives there.

Overall the season 11 opener was a thrilling watch from beginning to end. The audience truly gets to see the extent of Alexandria’s damage as well as how much bad blood still exists between Maggie and Neegan, even after seven years have passed since Glen’s death. Having the Eugene story line payout throughout the episode helped show just how solidified the Commonwealth is compared to other groups we’ve met before.

The cliffhanger the episode ends on was beautifully executed. Although Maggie definitely has some plot armour and was seen in trailers shots not featured in the premier, you can assume she will most likely not bite the dust in episode two at least.

The scenes at the Commonwealth helped introduce Mercer who is a beloved comic character. Although he gets little screen time in this episode,what is shown of him is extremely accurate of his comic portrayal, right down to his bright orange armour. A standby guard tells Princess that her and the group have been there for either four or nine months. It’s uncertain how much time has passed between season 10 and now so we can’t take the guard’s word as gospel. However, Alexandria seems to be in a much worse state of repair than shown and alluded to in the bonus season 10 episodes.

The episode from a premier stand point, is one of the better ones featured in the later seasons of the show and as such it will be given a rating of 8/10.

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