The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 2 Review And Spoilers

The second episode of the series kicked off where last week’s episode finished.

The episode was split into three storylines of the train station, Daryl and our Commonwealth group.

Maggie’s fate is revealed and to no one’s surprise she survived the Walker tunnel. Two deaths did occur however, one of the deaths was of a background character and one of the Hilltop teens Gage.

The train car sections were able to show how similar Negan and Maggie actually are. Both characters are villainous while also being heroic in their own ways. Maggie had the chance to save Gage but chose not to- Negan tried to save him along with Alden.

Daryl’s scavenging sections were filler material and quite ridiculous at times. He was able to find grenades to help save the train gang towards then end which just didn’t feel right.

The Commonwealth storyline is starting to really come together. Yumiko is the main focus of these parts after taking on Michonne’s comic arc. For Yumiko it is her long lost brother that is there and not a daughter like Michonne had in the comics. They eventually pass the Commonwealth’s immigration process and are granted asylum.

Overall the second part of the season opener wasn’t bad there was action and suspense throughout and the viewer is able to see just how far gone Maggie is now. The main episode reveal at the end of the Reapers leaves the door open to an incredibly intense episode next week. At last plot points are starting to become more fleshed out and there is a sense of excitement about the show again which was missing in seasons 7 and 8.

Overall rating 7/10.

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