The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 3 Review

Picking up where the show ended in season 11 episode two, our train car group are hunted down by the Reapers one by one until they’re forced to split up. The episode then splits in half to the Negan vs Maggie show and to what’s happening back at Alexandria. The overall arc of the episode revolves around this idea that they may just be as bad as each other, even if Maggie won’t admit it. Negan and Maggie debate another survivor’s fate and Negan tells Maggie she has to be the one that decides. Her response is to lash out and say how Negan isn’t in control of who lives and dies anymore in a bid to shame him for him murdering Maggie’s husband, which only proves his point further. Their bond grows slightly however, as Negan saves her repeatedly and eventually Maggie travels alone on the road with him.

The Alexandria group revolves around Magna, Kelly, Carol and Rosita. They try rescue some horses that escaped during the re-build process. These parts act as a welcomed break from the violent reaper scenes but they bring their own tragedies. They find some of the horses dead and Carol is forced to kill one of the horses for meat.

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The sinister tone of the final season is very apparent. Several deaths, violence and potential death occurred throughout the episode from the start to finish. The imagery seen in the episode captures how tormented the Reapers are with no dialogue required. A completely burnt walker can be seen on display with the word ‘Judas’ scrawled above them, they wear horrific masks and carry military style knives and weapons as well as hunt as a pack. The more viewers see of the Reapers the more excitement there is for the next episode in hopes we learn more.

Season 11 episode 3 of The Walking Dead has continued the dark intense atmosphere shown in the two-part premier beautifully. After being criticised for abandoning the show’s dark horror roots, show runner Angela Kang has brought back the ominous unpredictable nature of the show fans have sorely missed.


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